Media – Sex Offence Reforms

Child Safe Strategies CEO Debbie Boyse was invited to Parliament House for a press conference on April 6th led by State Leader of Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party Stuart Grimley MP.

Mr Grimley debated a motion that requires the Government to start consultation on an alternative, online sexual assault reporting option, tabling the outcomes of such engagement by 1 September this year.  

Mr Grimley was also joined by a victim-survivor of sexual assault from Geelong, Mikaylah East.

Debbie Boyse and Mikaylah East spoke about benefits (and their support) for an alternative reporting option for sexual assault in Victoria.

Debbie said she felt very honoured to be involved and stated that there is so much abuse that occurs in the community that is never reported for a number of reasons.

Debbie will continue to advocate strongly for prevention and support for survivors by training clubs, organisations, parents and communities.