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Personal Safety for Children

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This 3-hour interactive workshop aims to give teachers and educators the knowledge, confidence, and inspiration to empower children with personal safety skills.  

These essential life skills will help keep kids safe from harm, abuse, bullying and grooming.

This session is suitable for adults who have care, supervision or authority over children and supports organisations to address Victorian Child Safe Standard no.3 and National Principles no.2 

Educators will build confidence with:  

·         Helping children understand their right to feel safe and be safe 

·         Rights and responsibilities  

·         Addressing safety versus risk  

·         Building children’s assertiveness using fun games  

·         Talking with children about body awareness  

·         Teaching correct names for body parts via activities  

·         Exploring and identifying feelings     

·         Providing strategies for unsafe situations

·         Promoting online safety 

Research shows that teaching children about personal safety helps build resilience and confidence.  It also equips them with knowledge, skills and awareness to identify an unsafe situation and confidently respond.  Children learn about their right to feel safe understanding that there is nothing so awful they can’t tell a safe adult.  Children are empowered to speak up and share their concerns including anything that may have felt unsafe, tricky, weird or confusing.

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