Child Safe Check for Parents

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Child Safe Check for Parents




This one-hour session is a friendly and informative session for parents and carers to help them feel more confident in speaking to their children about safety. It is especially helpful for parents who are busy and often time poor. The session also touches on what to look for when choosing a child safe organisation or club for their children. It provides some practical tips to check in and make sure their children feel safe and are safe. This training is a must and will also be helpful given the access children and young people have to the internet.

  • An overview of the prevalence of abuse including online targeting
  • Stranger danger – and why this is not often the case
  • Personal safety tips
  • Responding if you are concerned about something
  • How to be mindful of your language
  • How to choose a child safe organisation
  • How you can empower your child or young person